Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Red meat that you can eat!

It is recommended that healthy adults eat 10-35% of their total daily calories from protein.  For those trying to lose weight, I would recommend eating at the high end of this range.

Protein intake is important during weight loss to help prevent losing muscle mass.

Not all protein is created equal. Protein from animal sources is more easy for us to absorb than protein from vegetable sources because we are animals.

When we are limiting our calorie intake, it is important that we get the most out of our calories. We can do this be choosing nutrient rich meats that have the most nutrients per calorie.

Most people think that red meat is off limits, this is not so.

Approved meat: As a general rule, for every 3 ounces of cooked meat...
  • 150 calories or less
  • Around 5g of fat or less 
  • At least 20g of protein
  • Stick to the rounds and loins for beef and pork
  • Stick to cuts that come from the shoulder
  • Just because something is fat free, does NOT mean it cholesterol free
    • Keep an eye out for my cholesterol blog, coming later this week. 
    • Best example: Shell fish has little to no fat but is very high in cholesterol.
  • Every butcher in every grocery store has the nutrition facts on various cuts of meat.
    • Ask your butcher next time you go to the store.

Examples of lean red meat: 3 ounces cooked; c= calories; f= g fat; p= g protein
  • Bottom round steak             139 c       5 f        24 pc
  • 95% lean ground beef         139 c        5 f       22 p
  • Eye round roast and steak   144 c       4 f        25 p
  • Sirloin Tip Side steak          143 c       4 f        25 p
  • Round tip roast steak           148 c       5 f        25 p
  • Round steak                         154 c       5 f        25 p 

Lean pork
  • Top loin chop                      141 c        4 f       26 p
  • Tenderloin                           159 c        5 f       26 p  

Lean Poultry
  • Skinless, boneless chicken breast    140 c        3 f         26 p
  • Skinless, boneless turkey breast      115 c       0.5 f       26 p

Lean Fish
  • Cod                                         89 c             <1 f        20 p
  • Light tuna canned in water    100 c            <1 f        22 p
  • Halibut                                   120 c             3  f        23 p

Salmon is a fatty fish, even though it has the "good" fat (175c, 11 f, 19 p).
I recommend eating salmon 3 meals per week for the Omega 3's. 

So there you go!

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