Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Nutrient Claims on Food Packages

The front of food packages can say more than just the product's name. Companies use the front of packages to promote their products by adding health and nutrient claims.

This is an example of a nutrient claim.
  • When my double fiber bread says "high fiber" I don't really know how much fiber I am getting until I read the nutrition facts. 
  • The claim is related to nutrients that the food contains. 
  • If a package makes a nutrient claim, it must include those nutrients in the food.
This is an example of a health claim.
  • When my box of cheerios says "May help reduce cholesterol".
  • The claim is related to possible health benefits that a food may have. 
  • There is no garuantee that eating these foods will prevent diseases from happening.
Nutrient claims:

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