Thursday, August 26, 2010

Nutrition Labeling in Restaurants

Would Nutrition Facts Influence Your Food Choices?
A new law is making nutrition facts as easy to see as food prices.

About the New Health Bill:

More than 200,000 restaurants, nation wide, will have to add calories on menus, menu boards, vending machines, and drive through signs.
  • Restaurants with 20 or more locations need to include post food calories
  • If asked, employees in these restaurants must tell customers about nutrients that can be found on a food lable.
  • Daily specials that are on menus for less than 60 days are exempt from the bill.
You may have already started to see calories posted but it may take up to 2 years before the bill takes full effect.

How has this changed food choices?

Many studies are ongoing to see how the public responds to seeing nutrition facts at the point of purchase.

One 11 week study found that the new bill may have an influence on what foods we choose to buy.

The study took place on a college campus's convenience store.  Some healthy foods were marked with a "Fuel Your Life" logo while others were not marked.

For example, one brand of whole grain pasta was marked as healthy while another brand of whole grain pasta was not marked.

Prices of marked and unmarked items were the same.

Data of sales before and after the study showed a raise in sales of the marked healthy foods.

Let me know what you think...
Would you make fast- food and restaurant dining choices based on the nutrition facts?

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  1. Having a son with diabetes, I would most definitely make choices based on nutrition facts for him and myself.